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College Prep

Perfect for students wishing to receive personalized assistance throughout the college and scholarship processes, I work attentively with students to ensure their success. Students will be able to determine which colleges and universities to seek admission in and discover what they are most passionate about. Students will learn how to secure college funding, what study skills to develop, and how to transition into higher education. I work diligently to empower students to achieve their very best. Also, I will guide parents through the process and help them to understand all aspects of applying to college. I provide:

  • Critical feedback on every facet of the college application process;

  • Mentorship throughout the entire college process;

  • Assistance throughout the college and scholarship application processes;

  • Helpful hints on navigating the academic and social aspects of college life;

  • Parent engagement workshops;

  • Creation of college list unique to each student;

  • Planning of college visits;

  • Scholarship identification;

  • Deferral and waitlist plan;

  • Financial Aid;

  • Athletic recruitment;

  • Succession calendar;

  • Admission Essay;

  • Transfer plans; and

  • College selection service

Preparations Plans (Grades 8-10)

A 60 minute session that will help families learn to maximize their student’s high school experience and how to make the right decisions from the outset; this includes  course selection, standardize test planning, experience/ opportunities, extracurricular activities, and leadership opportunities and experiences.

Planning Session (Grades 11-12)

These sessions are for families who plan to navigate the college admission process on their own, yet would benefit from extra guidance from a consultant. Typical discussion topics would include the formulation of college list, test dates, early admission, and approach strategies. This is a two-hour session.

Common Application

This an extensive writing session that allows students to create and complete Common Application Account. We will work in a small groups to successfully build accounts that puts the student's best foot forward. Each student will receive personalized attention and editing for essays and information that is added to the account. This eight-hour day long session will have education professionals on hand to help each student individually. This is done only in groups and held on Saturdays.

Intensive Scholarship Search

Intensive individual scholarship search are sessions that help students narrow down the scholarships that they should apply for and provide helpful writing tips to ensure that the students address the specifics of the application. This is an hour and half session.

College List Package

These sessions review student's prior academic accomplishments and conduct  in-depth interviews on college preferences of both students and parent. Based on the results of the interviews and information obtained from the students, recommendations will be made to ensure successful college visits.  A selected list of colleges uniquely suited to the student and a list of specific application details will be provided.

Customized Your College Search Package

Purchase a pre-paid five-hour block of time to be used for any college services that you and your student may need. This includes, but is not limited to, assistance with application essays, application completion, review of schools of interest, interviewing skills, college tour planning, etc.

Comprehensive Package

This package is from A to Z. It includes reviewing academic accomplishments and extracurricular and community activities, providing test recommendations and organizational timelines, conducting in-depth interviews on college preference of both students and parents, evaluating career interest and personal style inventory, preparing a selected list of colleges uniquely suited for your student, essay brainstorming session and editing of both common application essays and one additional essay, reviewing completed application before submission, providing recommendations and practice for college interviews, as well as investigation of possible scholarships.

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Boston College

Bowie State University


Hamilton College

Marshall College

Morehouse College

Spelman College
University of Maryland College Park
Tennessee State University
University of North Carolina Charlotte

Fisk University

Hampton University

Morgan State University

Texas Southern University
Wesley College

Georgetown University

Howard University

North Carolina Agricultural
&  Technology University
University of Maryland Baltimore
Wesleyan College

Georgia State University

Johnson C. Smith University

Old Dominion University
University of Maryland Baltimore
William and Mary

and many more to come...

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