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why Our Box?

I Got Accepted To College box was created  to celebrate the high school seniors and current college students in your life. We realized in the midst of the pandemic students are not being celebrated for the  huge accomplishment of being accepted into college. Students work so hard to reach their goals and  what better way to say Congratulations then with a box.

The Box Includes:

Twin XL Sheets

Laundry Bag

College Shirt 

& More

* If selecting the gift option please be sure to include the students mailing address on the shipping form

college definition


College |noun|

an educational institution or establishment that provides higher education or specialized training.

ex: Ok, but first college 



This shirt is a celebration of the rich culture that all Historically Black Colleges and Universities offer. We currently have 107 HBCUs and they will always be a mood. You did not have to attend an HBCU to love a respect these schools. "IT'S THE HBCU FOR ME" always and forever.

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